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What do you enjoy most about your job at Farrer’s and what does the role involve? I enjoy working with the local community & being able to experience the Lake District every day by going out to see customers & work with them on their barista skills, along with their knowledge of coffee & tea. My role specifically is that of a barista trainer & sales executive, so my role involves working with current customers & new customers of Farrer's Fine Coffee & Tea (such as Kendal College!) and helping them to use our products to their full potential, along with developing new products and constantly improving existing ones.

What freelance films have you completed since leaving College and what are you currently working on? I have only completed one small freelance project since leaving Kendal College, which was for Cranston's Foodhall, Penrith as part of an entry to a food guild award. However, I am currently working on some films for Farrer's to help promote our business - but primarily I am working on a few short non-profit fiction films with a few college alumni - primarily Haydn Whitehead & Mike McCormack from Performing Arts. These are titled 'Attendant Vagabond' & 'Heaven & Hell' - we are currently in the process of setting up a Go-Fund-Me & setting up our own film company in Kendal!

What has helped you to succeed in filmmaking? Succeeding in filmmaking is a relatively difficult thing to do; as I would not say I have succeeded as such, but more so learned, and I am continuing to learn every day - you could probably ask the film tutors if they believe they have succeeded in film and they will say "no" as most filmmakers have a streak of perfectionism, myself more than others (& Simon will agree!) I believe. But succeeding is down to personal ambition & satisfaction, as each filmmaker differs. I think I like making films that I like to make, which is why I didn't continue on to complete University & work for other people. My successes come from loving what I do.

Who or what has inspired you? Personally I have been inspired by a number of different filmmakers; all the way from Guillermo Del Toro to Edgar Wright, but then odd films like Mad Max: Fury Road & Ferris Bueller's Day Off have given me inspiration too. I would say my curiosity of how things are made inspired me, and then watching other people do it inspired me even more!

What advice would you give to people interested in studying Film Production? Don't listen to Simon or Dom! Only kidding. Listen to the guys, because they know their stuff and will teach you about more than film, but also how to be a better person. But honestly, one big thing as a filmmaker, is be patient & know that eventually you will get it, and you will push yourself to be better every day. The biggest thing for me to anyone reading this thinking of going to alternate educational facility is, don't, Kendal College changed my life for the better, and they are the absolute best at film in the North West, maybe even in the country at college level.